In 2006, when Zoë Robinson was hired at Fantasy Flight Games, the company had never previously had an art department. This gave her the opportunity to pioneer the process by which Fantasy Flight Games manages art and freelance artists. Many of the systems she first proposed and implemented are still used today, and she has continued to develop and deploy solutions to the challenges of art direction and project management throughout her tenure. 

In her role directing art for FFG, she has assigned, directed, approved, contracted, and invoiced art units for over 500 unique products across a variety of artistic styles, formats, and intellectual properties. Many of the properties in question were licensed from FFG’s various partners, including George R. R. Martin, Blizzard Entertainment, Middle-Earth Enterprises, Games Workshop, and Lucasfilm. For each art unit she has been required to balance the needs of the product, the vision of the product’s designer and producer, the demands of the budget, and the requirements of overall intellectual property, whether licensed or in-house. 

Working on so many simultaneous projects, Zoë is experienced at keeping many balls in the air at once, and has developed a keen eye for emerging talent. She has launched the careers of many current stars in the SFF illustration world during her tenure at Fantasy Flight Games.

Twitter: @zoejkrobinson

       Illustration here and on home page ©  Tim Paul Illustrations



Illustration here and on home page © Tim Paul Illustrations